Re: squeegee opinion reve

Posted by Dennis Rioux on May 20, 2004

I have been hand sanding only which is why it has been taking me such a good long (fun) time. Gotta pace myself -- I can only take so much fun each day. Turns out my squeegee coat was not as smooth as it probably should have been -- kind of "wrinkly" in spots. Can't tell if that is because I did go back and touch up spots and messed it up that way, or if they are spots I missed touching up, or because I had some goo on the starting surface. It seems like the panels on my WR18 are slightly concave relative to the chines in spots which is where I get the most weave showing through (along the chines). Doesn't matter because as Kurt has pointed out I am not building a piece of furniture, so I am moving on to the deck and all the excitement that it promises. Glued the scarf joint for the tip of the deck on last night...


P.S. The "good" side of my deck has the printing on it (BS 1088 yadda yadda yadda) wouldn't you know. It goes distressingly deep into the pores of the top ply. From sanding into the "black ick" on the hull I know I have precious little to work with here. Any advice? I managed to knock off some of it with a light sanding but there is still plenty there. If I stand back a couple feet I can't see it, so maybe that is the best I can hope for.

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