Re: Hatch Covers

Posted by Chris on May 20, 2004

I held the frames in the hole where they fit, (almost touching the sides, and then measured down from the edge of the hole perpedicular to the frames. I then centered the hatch hole plan sheet cut out on the actual hatch cover to see how much bigger the cover is to the hole, and added that to my measurement. Worked out good.

On another note, when I attached the frame to the larger hatch cover, a little twist occured length wise. Not a big deal cause the straps when tightened straighten it out for watertightness, but you can see the warp when not tightened and IT JUST BUGS ME! Bill Whitcomb, a fellow smarter than me had a post that detailed how to avoid this happening when you attach the frames. He emailed me a diagram. I will email it to you if you want.

In Response to: Hatch Covers by Dave on May 19, 2004