Re: Today's Nonesense Bro

Posted by Terry Mcadams on May 20, 2004

I was going to suggest pouring some of the fizzy into a plastic bag and whacking the bow with the filled bag. Then, in a diabolical vein, I thought of attaching a balloon to the top of the champagne and giving it a good shake. May fill the balloon just right, or may result in a quite grand and wet explosion, christening both boat and all proximal bystanders. A nice opportunity to rename your children (or your wife, or yourself, for that matter).

Anyhow, congrats and best of luck with your new float. Get ready for the heartache of the first big ding which, knowing Canada and its rock, won't be long in comming.


In Response to: Re: Today's Nonesense Bro by Mac on May 20, 2004