Re: Delamination

Posted by LeeG on May 20, 2004

the s-glass is significantly stronger than e-glass so it will stay together a little like kevlar before breaking. The thing is with Aarons boat is that he's got a mechanical bond going between the old and new, I assume. I've made a few kayaks with s-glass and if you come upon some damage into the wood you'll notice that the glass can be pulled back a bit from the wood,,you might say "it's delaminating, there's something wrong!",,,whereas e-glass would break right with the wood. If you put some kevlar on a test panel and break it,,you'll be able to pull the kevlar up before it breaks too. So I bet it's a function of dissimilar materials bonded mechanically. S-glass on wood would tear the top veneer of the ply off if it's applied wet or on on a partially cured seal coat.

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