Re: Delamination

Posted by Aaron Johnson on May 20, 2004

It had been on the canoe for several weeks when I did this. I had large creases in the fabric where it draped over the saw horses that I had to cut away and patch over and it did exactly what you're talking about. I could pull it away. It freaked me out a little but sanding away it it does not seem to tear it off the boat easy at all. The surface has been sanded with 120 and some spots with something coarser (from when I was trying to remove the old paint).

I will try making a jig to go over the holes and try that, if not for peace of mind I may just sand away from all the holes.

My concern is that if it gets moisture in there during the winter the freezing water will cause it to run. If I sand now before I fill the s-glass the fill coats of epoxy should completely seat the edges no?

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