Re: Rudder lines - PIX

Posted by Tim Chase on May 20, 2004

I just did a rudder install on my CH17LT. The rudder from CLC comes with cable and the plastic tubing that runs from just behind the deck penetration point all the way to within 6" of the foot brace tracks. The installation was pretty straight forward. You can either follow the drill-fill-drill method and seal the holes with 3M 4200 (I did) or just use the 3M 4200. The plastic tube is secured with a plastic cable clamp where it exits the deck and along its route to the foot braces. Have no fear, It works very nicely. Theoretically water could make its way down the plastic tubing and end up in the cockpit, but so what? How much water are we talking about? I get a couple cup fulls in the cockpit from my booties everytime I get in. That's way more than is ever going to make its way into those tubes even in a following sea.

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