Re: Toast From France

Posted by Mac on May 21, 2004


Merci! I thank you for the good wishes and commend your excellent choice of libations. (And thank's for not being angry about the champagne!)I've got a Canadian designed kayak built with Canadian epoxy and pretty much outfitted with Canadian PFD, paddle, bungee, shock cord etc. Not exactly planned - just worked out that way.

So, for fun, I thought I'd launch on our Laurentian lake (read puddle) with a Canadian spirit. Our Canadian whiskey is Rye, and I wasn't sure if my Dutch varnish and hull paint wouldn't prefer Gin and peel off in protest. I thought of Canadian beer - of which we have a HUGH selection - but I like it too much to spill it on any damn boat. Our Maritimes has a rum called Screech - but we have an anti-polution law on my lake. Besides, you don't want to deal with Louie the Loon after he's been into the Screech. So, I went to our classiest Liquor Commission and asked for the impossible - a Canadian Champagne - expecting to be laughed out of the place - mais non! "But of course Monsieur, and it's made right here in Montreal!" Can't mess with a coincidence like that!

We have a long weekend in Canada starting today, so it's "Canucks Ahoy" and "Damn the Torpedos".

Bon Weekend, Andre!


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