Re: underneath the coamin

Posted by LeeG on May 21, 2004

As long as there isn't anything sharp or protruding out it isn't worth more than a quick sanding before varnishing. Don't worry about it, it's not visible. My first s&g, a Patuxent had a gloopy mess that required a lot of sanding with folded over pieces of 80grit carefully trying to not scratch the deck. One of the methods for controlling the coaming stack mess is to do the spacers first, wipe the squeezed out goop with a gloved finger dipped in alcohol. With the deck already glassed and covered with fill coats the diluted goop will sand off cleanly. Thereater with the coaming clamped on repeat with a gloved finger to smooth the gloop.

In Response to: underneath the coaming by peter shadbolt on May 21, 2004