Re: underneath the coamin

Posted by Terry Mcadams on May 21, 2004

For existing glue gobs, a Dremel tool can reach most of them. Use a small diameter bit and slow speed and hold the drill very tightly. A very sharp chisel can also pare the gobs off (go easy, so you don't rip up some plywood)

I have some glue under there on all my boats. I do manage to keep it more out of sight by flipping the boat after I glue and clamp the combing, thus letting gravity move the glue up under the rim and away from the deck. Then, about an hour after gluing, I run a gloved pinky finger wrapped in a thin, alcohol-soaked rag under the combing to get most of the excess so there are no gobs to interfere with the spray skirt on cover.

If you build another boat, let us know how this goes.

We'll all look forward to the combing attractions.


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