Re: CLC Strip Planked Dec

Posted by Paddler on May 22, 2004

To answer your questions Joe:

The amount of forms depends on the length of the boat. Read "The Strip Built Sea Kayak" by Nick Schade. Even though you won't be using the same construction methods he uses, you still need to be familiar with his methods.

Each form is positioned on the boat every foot. Mark off each foot starting back from the bow.

Each form is attached temporarily to the sheer clamp by means of a piece of wood clamping it to the sheers. You can use anything to do the clamping.

The forms stay on the boat till you do the gluing of the strips and do the top skin of fiberglass on the deck. Beware of shrinking however. The forms are temporary.

The length of time it adds to the project depends on the person doing the building. Cannot be more specific than that.

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