Re: sassafrass 12 measure

Posted by John Likens on May 22, 2004

Robert I began assembling my Sassafras 12 kit this week and I also bought the book. The 26-11/16" measurement,associated with plank 3, you said was missing is in my book. I did find a minor difference in the measurements you mentioned on pg. 38 of the book & the kit supplied plans. With one exception all those measurements are the same. In the book the measurement for plank 4 indicates an offset centerline of 2-9/16". The plans that came with my kit indicate an offset centerline of 2-11/16".That's only an 1/8" difference. As long as you make the measurement the same for both sides you'll probably be alright.( I'm an optimist) I hope you'll continue to provide updates on construction here as i'd be interested in knowing how the boat is coming along.

In Response to: sassafrass 12 measurement by Robert Hancock on May 21, 2004