Re: sassafrass 12 measure

Posted by John Likens on May 23, 2004

Good afternoon Robert, I gather that you are building from scratch & not assembling a kit not that that makes much difference except there is a lot more time & effort & skill invloved in doing it that way. As I said I did purchase the book and there was a 2 page set of plans included with the kit so I have 2 references. The plans supplied with the kit provides enough information to assemble the kit but the plans would not be adequite for building from scratch. The offsets( meaning the amount that the plank edge is offset from a base line while gluing the scarfs)( I'm only saying this so we both understand what we're talking about) contained on the kit plans are as follows; Plank 1 - 3/8" Plank 2 - 5 1/8" Plank 3- 9/16" Plank 4- 2 11/16" Plank 5 - 6" Offsets in the book: Plank 1- 3/8" Plank 2- 5 1/8" Plank 3- 9/16" Plank 4- 2 9/16" plank 5- 6"

These seem to vary quite a bit from what i just read in your latest message. Perhaps a call to CLC is in order.Sounds very odd to me.Hope you get this figured.I'm heading out to the garage to work a bit on the canoe. Let me know if i can help.

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