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Posted by Steve Miller on May 23, 2004

Any paint store or Lowes or Home Depot should have the fake steel wool pads. Not black, not scrubber. Ask the guy in the paint section of the store for fake steel wool pads. I use green or brown. Get the finest grade they have. Use a light touch with them. You are just scuffing up really not sanding with the pads. Try for a "random orbital" motion. Don't go back and forth in straight lines. If they get clogged up with dust then take the shop vac to them. I wash them out after a session and let dry if I have time.

For wet sanding you wait just as long as for dry. The water won't hurt the paint if its dry enough to sand. Brightsides is not water soluable anyway. In normal conditions I can do a coat every 24 hours. If its a bit cool then wait 48. After you have good cover then let it all cure for a week or so. If you can get the boat into the sun part way through the week to heat it up that will help.

Have fun!

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