Re: Texas Kayak Photos!

Posted by Kurt Maurer on May 23, 2004

Thanks for saying so, Joe!

Here's another note for you folks, that I forgot to include in my little presentation: the highly worthy and vaunted Steve failed on this party trick, and so handed it off to John (John In Dallas on this forum) -- who expediently prevailed. Here we go: The yak flips over and dumps its occupant. Erstwhile occupant takes care to leave yak inverted, gets back in (yes, while inverted (glub, glub)), takes a seat, fastens spray skirt to coaming, then rolls on up. Hey, we don't wanna let all the AIR out of our cockpit, do we...?

Did I say this was an amazing bunch of demonstrations, or what? GEEZ, I can hardly decide whether to be inspired... or mired... in a WORLD of inferiority complexes!!!

Ohhhh, but I'm gonna catch those guys... some day... if it's the last thing I ever do. So there! Ppffftftfttffttfft!!

Heheheheheheh... I feel better now.

Cheers, Kurt

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