2nd layer sanding qustion

Posted by Mischa on May 24, 2004

I am in the middle of glassing the outside of my hull. I put the second coat of epoxy on and I just finished sanding it.

The whole craft was now sort of a dull mat white color and I could not longer feel the pattern of the fiberglass. I�m planning on not painting the hull so I want to remove this white dull appearance.

I tried rinsing it off with some water and a rag and that worked in some places but not others. Some of the places where it is still whitish and slightly opaque appear to be the areas where the epoxy was applied somewhat thicker, in these areas I can no longer see the pattern of the weave at all.

How can I get the surface to look like it did (clear and shiny) before I sanded it?

Thanks in advance for your help, Mischa