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Posted by Kurt Maurer on May 24, 2004

Bob, I am an epoxy miser. The stuff costs too much to slather on, or throw away, recklessly. And it weighs too much to get happy with, even if I am feeling rich that day. Here is what I recommend after four successful projects:

Mix small batches of epoxy, always. This does two things for you: it eliminates waste for the most part, and makes application easier since the goo won't be stiffening up on you, while still trying to work it, quite so badly.

The largest batches I EVER mix any more is three ounces (usually for wetting out). One ounce is more typical for me. I find it easier to stir a new batch than struggle with a stiffening one. And screw throwing it out; that ain't happenin' here, bud.

I would really want to *make sure* I had enough epoxy to complete a wet-out application. Any interruption is almost guaranteed to result in a Class A PITA. Running out during fill coats and that sort of thing isn't a problem, other than it sucks to run out of epoxy in the middle of a project. But for a wet-out? If in doubt, get out the plastic and CHARRRRRRGE!!!

I like to wet out with a brush and squeegee. The perfect result will be totally clear, but with a distinct and obvious cloth weave texture thoughout. No slick spots and no hazy-white spots are good. Don't get into a panicked rush (as I did on my first few wet-outs); you really have plenty of time (hours!) to get yourself out of any jams. Spread the goo quickly with the squeegee (or whatever -- use what works best for YOU) while the goo is fresh (read: lowest in viscosity), then come back and work over dry or flooded spots after.

Epoxy can actually be quite relaxing to work with once it is understood, although I never would have believed it in the beginning. So good luck, sir, and I hope this helps somehow.

Cheers, Kurt

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