Re: Yare stretch

Posted by Stephen P on May 25, 2004

I too have a Yare, but I hardly ever paddle it. Although I agree that in the right conditions it is a very efficiet boat design.

Interestingly my Pax18 is in the shop being refinished and I was out paddling my daughter's Ches14 in following seas tonight. Although overall the Ches gave up a slower average than I'd expect in the Pax, I did note a much higher max speed. The shorter boat is a much better "surfer". Easy to accelerate and catches the waves just right.

My point is that a percentage stretch while creating a good boat may create a different boat with different characteristics than hoped for.

But don't let me discourage you. Please feedback your results so that we can all learn. I occasionally think of shortening the Pax18 plans!


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