grab handles and rudder

Posted by Wayne VanTassel on May 25, 2004

Well I've almost done it. I've almost finished a Chesapeake LT17 from plans. I started it last spring, but since I live in northern Minnesota and don't have a heated garage, the building season is kind of short, and I didn't quite finish it last year. I'm just getting it finished up now that the temperatures are getting into the 50's and I can paint and varnish and stuff. I'm going to take it for its first paddle this Friday.

I was going to add grab handles a bit later, but then I occured to me, I have to transport it using foam blocks and ropes since I don't have a carrier. Without grab handles there's nothing to tie to -- so I need grab handles now. But, I have a rudder. Will a simple rope grab handle interfere with the rudder?

I'm sure my problem isn't unique. How have other people addressed it?