Re: grab handles and rudd

Posted by Rich P on May 25, 2004

The hole for the rope grab would have to be moved forward to avoid the pin for the rudder, which may put you beyond the end pour. The loop would also have to be huge to clear the rudder swing when its placed in its stowed position. A T-handle could be used but the rope would still have to long to keep the fingers clear of the stowed rudder and you may want to put a keeper on the back deck to stow the handle so its doesn't drag in the water. I finally went with the rubber grab handle from CLC, which is mounted along the edge of the deck, into the shear clamp, back near the rudder. The rear tie-down passes over the deck, under the rudder, and under the rubber handle.

In Response to: grab handles and rudder by Wayne VanTassel on May 25, 2004