Re: CH17 end pours

Posted by Dave Houser on May 25, 2004

I feel the end pours need to make up for the missing shear clamp.

At the bow I seem to get a decent inside tape job on the stem. So I don't see a need to have much of an end pour behind the stem. However it should fully cover the missing shear clamp area. So I suggest to stand the kayak vertically pour the epoxy in then slide the bow out until the kayak is a 45 degrees with the deck down.

I can't get a decent tape job on the inside of the tight angle of the stern. So I would use a more vertial angle on the kayak so the end pour covers from the end of the keel tape to the end of the shear clamps.

I also use the waste thickened epoxy to get a start on the bow end pour (again the stern is too tight to get the thick goop into the crack). It saves a little epoxy and also minimizes the epoxy heat up.

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