Re: Today's Nonesense Bro

Posted by Chris on May 25, 2004

Oh yeah, She handled great! In the first two days we were there, the river rose like 2 feet. Current got much stronger, but was still able to paddle up it no problem, When the wind and current started sliding me sideways a bit, the skeg took care of it quick. (It was too cold for me to risk edging too much). I'd like to figure out the parameters of secondary stability on her on a NICE day and NOT in stinky old brown spider/leech infested waters. (oooh I'm still icked out about that spider, not usually the squeamish type, but it really was big, it really was hairy, and it really was on my bare leg headed up my shorts. yuck yuck yuck!)

In Response to: Today's Nonesense Brought by Mac on May 20, 2004