Re: Butt Joins

Posted by Chip Veres on May 25, 2004

Here's a way I (first-timer) made decent scarfs in 4mm ply: 1. Gather up all the pieces of a given width. (typically 4) 2. Cut 2 scrap pieces the same width but only about 2 inches long. 3. Mark all pieces 1-1/4 inch from the end. 4. Brad one of the scraps to the end of the workbench. 5. Stack and brad each real piece atop it forming stairsteps. 6. Brad the other scrap atop the stack. 7. Put a piece of extra-coarse sandpaper on a block. 8. Sand at the angle of the stairsteps until the cut reaches the marked line on the top scrap. Most errors will be in the scraps, with good layers scarfed near-perfect.

Chip V.

In Response to: Butt Joins by David Wallace on May 25, 2004