Help w. CH16 deck install

Posted by Chris Taylor on May 25, 2004

I'm in the middle of a dry-run installation of the foredeck using the nail-less (packing tape)method. While I can achieve full contact with the deck beam, I can't seem to get the deck to lie against the forward bulkhead (1/4 to 1/2 inch gap). This is my second CH16 built from plans and this was not a problem on the first build (I used nails on that one). I have about 1.5 inches overhang on the deck piece and I'm wondering if the leverage provided by the tape pulling down on the overhang is causing the deck to bow upwards at the bulkhead location. I have read several other posts here where people describe similar problems with gaps over the bulkhead and solve it by simply adding a fillet or other method to fill the gap. I am hoping to avoid this. Is there a trick to getting bulkhead-to-deck contact (i.e., working bow to stern?, sticking with the nailing method?, wiring the centre of the bulkhead to the deck before bending? placing a weight on the deck?) or is the plywood simply going to bend the way it wants and I have to chalk it up to slight differences in the shape of the two boats? Please help as I want to get going.