Re: Help w. CH16 deck ins

Posted by Chris Taylor on May 26, 2004

I am also now wondering if I planed the shears down enough in the area forward of the bulkhead. I recall planing a lot next to the deck beam and bulkhead to get the shear down to match the curves and while the overall shear-line looks fair, I wonder if I need to create more of a slightly sweeping downward curve of the forward shear-line, thus lowering the deck slighly forward of the bulkhead which would help eliminate the tendancy for the deck to bridge over the bulkhead. Does this make any sense? I also thought of taking a mm or two off of the deck beam - again to reduce the tendancy for "bridging" the bulkhead. When that deck sheet is bent like that to a 16" radius, it sure wants to travel in a straight line. It seems that only about halfway between the bulkhead and the tip of the bow that the curve is reduced enough to allow an upward sweep to the bow.

In Response to: Re: Help w. CH16 deck ins by Doug Judd on May 26, 2004