Re: Butt Joins

Posted by David Wallace on May 26, 2004

Thanks to all for the advice , I appreciate it , While I would like to be able eventually to make good scarfs on thin ply my results so far aren't encouraging , I will keep practicing but will go with butt joints on this craft ,

With my own testing I know that butt joints with fibreglass tape either side and also butt joints using butt plates of plywood are stronger than my poor excuse for scarfs , this of course is probably not so with some one who can do a decent scarf joint ,

My main worry was that the butt join would cause a flat spot on the hull but I went over some of the other canoes where I used a butt plate or a glassed butt join and compared them to the curve on the MC16.5 and don't think I'll have any great problem , thanks to those who replied in the positive I feel confidant to go ahead with butt joins on the MC16.5 ,

To those who reckon scarfing is the way to go I certainly agree a well done scarf is definitely going to look better but if you saw my poor attempts you'd realise why I'm going with a butt join although I will keep practicing on any scrap I have , I can't bring my self to go and buy a sheet of cheap ply to practice with as the cheapest crappy ply is still about $35 out here , I'm in Central Queensland Australia and we don't have access to cheap ply



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