Re: 80-grit sanding

Posted by Kurt Maurer on May 26, 2004

"One question: where does one get fairing board?"

From the scrap bin. Actually, I say forget the fairing board and use your ROS with a light touch and plenty of fresh sandpaper. Stay away from corners and edges. Let the tool do the work. Chase it by hand sanding all corners and edges afterward, using discarded sanding pads from the ROS. Get a fan going, to make working more pleasant. Experiment with how you handle your sander, paying particular attention to sweeps and rotation, in order to maximize its efficiency. The more you work on boats, the faster things start happening. It's called "practice".

You're getting there, don't worry. And when your boat nears completion, and you begin to see what you have been working toward, you won't believe your eyes. It will all have been worth it, I promise.

Cheers, Kurt

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