Re: Paint and Varnish

Posted by Wayne VanTassel on May 26, 2004

OK, I'm no expert at this, but my newly finished boat has a varnished deck and painted sides and bottom. I painted up over the edge of the sides on to the deck about an inch. I followed the directions in the Shop Advice section of this website for painting over the gunwales. I painted the whole boat first (upside down, including the over the gunwales part -- the shop advice article has good directions). After the last coat, I turned the boat over and let the paint set up a couple days. Then I masked the painted over area with the blue safe release tape, and pressed it down real good, especially the edge. I then varnished the deck.

It really was not too hard to mask right up to the edge of where I had painted. Even someone with my lack of fine motor skills managed it. The safe release tape pulled off easily after I finished varnishing and didn't take any paint with it. The whole job looks pretty slick.

I wouldn't varnish over the paint.

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