Re: Router and jig

Posted by Dave Houser on May 26, 2004

I used a router with a 1/8" straight bit and a simple jig. The jig is just a 4-sided rectangular frame with 1/8" ply glued on one side of the opening. The frame opening is just a little bigger than the router base to allow the router to slide side to side to make a 1" slot (for 1" webbing) and slide forward and back to make the slot 3/16" wide. A slot is cut with the router through the 1/8" base and center lines drawn adjacent to the slot. Two sided tape around the slot and some packing tape off the frame perimeter holds the jig in place on the deck. Zip zip with the router and you have a perfect slot. In 30 minutes I had 16 slots through the deck.

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