The Mighty Geo vs The Mig

Posted by Mac on May 27, 2004

hty Mo!

Quite a tussle there George - had me worried for a sec.

A few years back I was paddling a very light Sports Pal aliminum canoe back from its maiden voyage on the St. Lawrence river in a stiff crosswind. I was close to shore and had it all figured-out until I came abreast of a long, high cement wall. Being an audiophile, I knew about standing waves, but had never experienced the H2O variety. After christening the canoe with "brake fluid", I did some wild instinctive bracing and got the prow pointed 90 degrees to the shore and managed to paddle away from the wall and into the chanel's calmer water.

I don't know if its my middle ear, but when water does bi-directional stuff, the liquid in my bladder responds in kind.

(And George finds time to record the fish population. You're one cool dude!)

I hafta go potty now...

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