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Posted by Petewp on May 27, 2004


That was anexcellent trip report. I too take a lot of note about whats going on underneath the water as much as whats above it - atleast when I can see into it. There a lake in NY called Lake Minewaska that has something like 25-30' visibility which I want to paddle - tho oddly enough, the very thing that makes the water so clear is also what keeps any kind of fish from surviving in it - save for mudpuppies!

There is a sanbar in a lae I used to haunt that was the home of this beast of a carp. Never got a decent look at it as the moment it began to sense me it took off like a bullet only leaving behind this emmense silt cloud.

Ill keep an eye out this weekend for the underwater life - but I know that no way in heck am I going to match your list.


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