Re: I'm Watching Epoxy

Posted by Steve Miller on May 27, 2004

Couple of questions Peter. How old is your epoxy? Alkyd enamels (ie tractor paint, most likely) are famous for not drying fast (at least the first coat or two) over fresh epoxy. I have experienced this several times. If your epoxy is not at least several weeks old then this may be the issue. A month is even better. Did you wash the boat at least once before painting? I think you need to wash even the non-blush epoxies. They may not blush but they give off amines and that is what slows the paint down (or so I have been led to believe). Sanding won't change the chemistry of this.

The alkyd enamels are generally slow to harden anyway. I allow a full week at normal temps. Heat is the cure, followed by a cooling cycle. Then repeat the cycle. A good bake in the sun would help. If you got it on too thick then you risk wrinkles from too much heat or sun if you skin it over so be careful.

Enjoy the zen of watching paint dry. Enjoy your weekend with your plastic boat. Sounds like your paint, even if it kicks off, would be too soft to use. Just the ride on the car (strap and rack contact) could mess it up at this stage. Like glue, dry is not cured.

Good luck!

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