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Posted by Mac on May 28, 2004

Welcome Goucho!

This is the place, my friend, and glad to have you.

Over my many years I've owned many water craft and the ones I still have turn out to be each good at one thing. The only multi-use "boat" I keep around is what we call a Pedalo in Quebec. You know, the square two-seater that you pedal. This I keep for my mother-in-law as she is not a confident swimmer.

From what I've seen from CLC, the Mill Creek 16.5 is very versitile and the wherry is a beautiful little rower.

A sail boat is a very different animal altogether - meant to sail and really dat's all. Sure you can put a motor on the back and push a lot of water around, but the motor's really for manouvering dockside.

Flat backed canoes handle a small motor very well but loose a fair bit in the padling. I have a choped-off aluminum Sports Pal canoe that I use with an electric trolling motor or ROW! This also came with sail and daggar boards - but come on! Unless I've got about 500lbs of balast I'm scared out of my wits. I now have three kayaks for different uses and conditions.

What am I getting at? Get a boat that will hold your family comfortably and safely while you get used to enjoying the water - like a Wherry - it's really good at what it does. Then build the craft which satisfies your next desire - whatever it turns out to be. And so on...

Whatever you choose to do - have fun and be safe..



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