Need advice- cracked hull

Posted by Dan F on May 28, 2004

Hello fellow builders,

After two years of paddling my beautiful Ches. LT17, it has suffered a tragedy: contractors dropped a long piece of PVC pipe headlong from the roof of my house onto my boat's hull (she was stored overturned).

Now there is a slanted circular dent in the bottom panel aft of the cockpit, about 3" diameter; about 1/5 of the perimeter cracked through to the interior. The adjacent side panel has a linear, longitudinal crack about 4" long. Nothing you can see through, but clearly no longer watertight.

I'm hoping for some opinions on (1) whether this damage is repairable, and if so, (2) what's the best way?


Dan F.

P.S. The contractors didn't even tell me this had happened... I discovered the damage yesterday just before paddling off into the 45 degree waters of Casco Bay... would have been an unfortunate way to drown.