a spirit of willingness

Posted by LeeG on May 28, 2004

you've got it. It's subversive and fun. Check out the manner of learning braces that Derek Hutchinson teaches in his video..for general silliness with no real waves around go ahead and paddle towards shore low bracing to the stern quarter leaning/rocking to the edge and fill the cockpit up,,then capsize, lean forward and wet-exit. It's a way to get comfortable with capsizing and loosening the hips for bracing and going to a tucked forward position for wet-exits. It also begins to teach you ways of holding onto the paddle or slicing the blade to a set-up position for rolling. It doesn't work to fight the paddle to hold onto it. Anything you can do to make your torso rotate so that your shoulders can go through at least a 90degree range will provide for a better position in all strokes without doing awkward torquing on your shoulders and wrists. Whenever you get around to learning rolling there should be stretching efforts in your side gut/ribs and NOT your shoulders.

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