Help with CLC Double

Posted by Brett on May 28, 2004

Hi all,

Im part way through building my double and have run into a somewhat confusing problem.

Page 74 of the manual states my sheer clamp should be cut and trimmed to 250-1/2 inches and when this is glued on it should end 5" from the bow and 4" from the stern.

I have marked my sheer clamp to 250 and a half inches and made a pencil mark, but have not made the cut yet. If I try and place it on the side panel I find that if it is 5" from the bow it comes out flush at the stern meaning it is about 4" to long. As far as I can tell my side panel is the correct length so I cant figure out the discrepency? I thought I would ask here first before I go cutting the sheer clamp shorter than specificed. Any help much appreciated.

BRETT British Columbia