Re: Row (paddle)/Sail/mot

Posted by Joe Lombardo on May 28, 2004

I agree with all previous posts... including Paddlers :-).

Since you want one boat that performs many functions, maybe you want to consider which function will be used most.

Here are my guesses after reading this site and the catalogs 2 dozen times. To be honest, I don't have any real qualifications for answering this question.

The Mill Creek 16 would be stronger for paddling and rowing, followed by simple sailing and finally by motoring with a trolling motor.

The Chester Yawl, will hold more people and pets, will probably sail better, can be rowed but not paddled.

You might add in to your requirements whether you want to car top the boat, or if you wish to trailer it. Trailers give you more options on boats, but less options on launchings ;-)

Good luck and please share your decision with us!

- Joe

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