Re: wheat flour as a fill

Posted by David Wallace on May 28, 2004

Haven't used wheat flour yet but I regularly use Talcum powder , wood flour and a commercial filleting filler that has no name except for the company name , can't see that there would be any problem with using wheat flour as it is still very much like wood flour

On a slightly different note I've been using Talcum powder as a filler for areas where I only need a very thin amount of filler and intend to finish clear later on , of course this only works in very thin applications as it shows up too much if there is a thick fillet or such , is there a filler that can be used in thicker amounts that won't stand out so much with a clear finish , I've used a lot of different wood flour and have about 8 kg of it from my brother when he sanded down the floor in his house but I don't think it's going to be any good as a colour match , the only wood flour available here is from my own or some one else's sanding , any suggestions ?

Regards David

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