Re: Row (paddle)/Sail/mot

Posted by Goucho on May 28, 2004

Hey, thanks for the welcome and input!

More about my interests. See, I just started enjoying the bays in my area by paddling a Micro Poke Boat. Its lightweight and fits easily in the back of my truck. I can put in where others can't (I love that part!) I also enjoy the solitude (when it can be had) and the work out from paddling - and thats just for starters...

I thought about building a kayak, but I would like to have company from time to time and I don't know yet if that company is always going to want to paddle. You know, you can teach dogs to do alot of tricks, but when the don't want to do something... sheesh! all the doggie treats in the world won't change a thing!

For the time being I am happy to stay in the bays and/or protected waters. I have plenty to learn.

I don't mind trailering; but, of course I would prefer it if I didn't have too.

Thanks again. I hope to be around.


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