Ch17 Side Panels

Posted by Gavin H on May 28, 2004

I'm building a Chesy17 from plans. I cut out and planned each set of panels together, so that they were identical. However, after glueing on 3/4"x1/2" pine shear clamps, I have found the side panels are taking on a life of their own, and now won't align, when placed back-to-back, without some gentle massaging and some serious clamping. I believe it's the shear clamps cause the problem.

I checked the shear clamps for straightness before glueing, and any natural curve in the wood was glued with the curve of the panels.

Is there any suggestions on how to remedy the problem? Could I try wetting/steaming the timber and leaving the ppanels clamped together to dry? I have little wood working experience.

On the Ch16 I building in parallel I didn't have this problem.