Cockpit Remodeling (Pic)

Posted by Kurt Maurer on May 29, 2004

Greetings, gang! Since I decided it's time to become a big time hot dog rescuin' and rolling fool, it was time to pay serious attention to my cockpit decor. I already had a carved minicell bucket seat, knee pads and a foot bracing in the form of a padded bulkhead, located and tilted forward just right.

To this I spent the past week adding a fully suspended, articulating backrest, cheek plates with hip pads stuck to 'em, and deck extensions at the forward part of the cockpit opening with added knee padding that form hooks.

Gonna prolly be a few weeks fitting all this to my bod just perfectly, but here's my start. It's TIGHT. But I reckon that's a good way to have it if I'm gonna be taking some off here, and a little there...

Cheers, Kurt

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