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Posted by Dave on May 29, 2004

Goucho, we're very pleased with our MC 16.5 and I paddle alone more often than not. I've done a lot of sailing, everything from sailboards to racing and cruising big boats, and the idea of sailing the MC doesn't appeal to me just now (If I want to sail I'll sail a sailboat). But I could rig the MC if I wanted to. Perhaps you've read the Brit review of the MC 16.5 linked to this site. So you can do the swiss army boat thing. Pretty big cockpit for one fishing or two paddling and folks do add small kids and friendly dogs. Here in Colorado, I have to cover some steep, rough ground to put in: I use a cart with big wheels and never turn down an offer to help drag it back up the slope. Although easy to load and unload alone (I have one place where I can back the Jeep down to water's edge and load and unload direct to and from the water), the MC 16.5 is a clumsy bear to carry alone more than a few steps. That Toteboat would be a handy to have at some places I paddle but with the Mill Creek you'll never lack folks who want to talk and help you admire the craft. Once in the water you can take it into thin or thick water as you please, keeping in mind that it's designed as a flat water boat. Glad to have you aboard. Dave

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