Gosh... (long-winded)

Posted by Kurt Maurer on May 29, 2004

THANKS, guys!! I can certainly tell you that my little improvements have *really* made paddling my yak FUNNER! The control I have over it now is almost phenomenal. I mean, I knew it would help, but geez, not like THIS. And it looks cool, too -- such a deal!!

Pete, you wouldn't be afraid to sit in it... why, you'd be afraid to REFUSE, what with me standin' there lookin' at you, hands on hips and tapping foot, *waiting* for you to get in, paddle 'er around for a while, then come back in and let me know what you think of her. (By the way, I'm betting your WR180 is looking pretty decent these days... you have been using 'er faithfully (from what I gather) for quite a while now, and I particularly love to see signs of hard use - and abuse - on a wooden boat. And talk about rushed varnish... I'm a master at THAT, I tell ya. I just don't take close-up pictures of the "troubled" spots and publish 'em. Heheheh. Yessir, the wide-angle lens is my FRIEND.)

Toby, perhaps I will write a book someday, once I have collected enough experience to make it worthwhile. It has been suggested before, more'n once, even (my humble thanks); and the truth of it is that I get all sorts of rewards for spending the time to tap this stuff out. Most of it in the form of before-the-fact knowledge, which is what I value most. Or at least, through vicarious living at your expense. At any rate, there are two things I am pretty certain of today: first, that it is no waste of time for CLC to host this forum; and the second, that it is no waste of time for me to be "addicted" to it. I have learned so much from y'all. If I can give just a little back, why, that sets jus' fine with me!

Oh, one more thing, today's Paddling Report: I splashed around with my boat quite a bit this afternoon, and among other things miraculously performed three-in-a-row reentries at sea without a paddle float or any other assistance, using the ride-'em-cowboy approach. The only thing now is how to empty the 'pit in water too deep to stand in. Mind you, I have never even seen a bilge pump used. Reckon I might be buying one soon. Wonder how they work while yer in the water alongside the boat? Fixin' t' find out, is what I'm thinking. I kinda LIKE the idea of being able to get back in...

Cheers, Kurt

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