Re: Gosh... (long-winded)

Posted by Petewp on May 30, 2004

Ive got a bilge pump - hand pump that is - and the few times I needed it was when I got swamped while trying to enter my kayak - or exit - in shoreside 2' "breakers" . That said, Im glad I had the hard land to do it from - without a paddlefloat - or even with a paddlefloat - pumping away isnt the most stable activity you could be doing at that point. Still, that baby spits out as a lot more water than I'd have guessed just from looking at it. Its the common one you see often in mags and books and such - grey tube 18" long, red trim...

What'd really really be fitting here is a bilge pump you use with your feet that moves the same amount of water as that hand pump one. Unfortunately, the foot ones arent as efficient Im told. I still dapple with the idea of getting a little battery - to run lights at night, and an electric bilge in the event its needed. But thats weight and between whats around my gut, and the extra epoxy weight I added to the craft I'm hesitant to add anymore.



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