deck/sheer/rub strip deal

Posted by Dennis Rioux on Jun 1, 2004

Well, I finally got the deck on my WR18 Sunday morning in the middle of a thunderstorm which was a hoot. Very Frankensteinesque. I used the nails. I am going to paint the hull and leave the deck bright. I want to add to some rub strips/wave deflectors -- these would divide the paint from the bright in my master plan. I am in the process of trimming the deck back to the sheer. Should I try to leave it "square" without much roundover, anticipating the rub strip will cover the join, or is that expecting too much? I don't have any instructions that cover this in any detail. If the deck panel is not rounded over does that cause problems with the glassing because of the sharper edge?

When glassing the deck do people really let it overlap the hull by as much as 1.5" as indicated in the instructions? Seems like a lot to me. I think I remember some improved steps from some posts last fall -- mask off with packing tape, then protect the rest of the hull with paper or plastic sheets that hang down, fill the glass with epoxy, then trim the excess kind of "down at an angle" at the tape line with a razor knife while it is still "green". I seem to remember issues about being able to see the tape line using clear packing tape and having to be careful not to cut into the hull. Does that sound about right? Thanks for your help.