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Posted by Steve C on Jun 1, 2004

Mac -

I don't have a rudder. I also do not have hatches or hip braces in (yet). Overall, I find the boat to be well behaved heading upwind. On some downwind runs, I have found the boat to be a handfull, with the wind tending to push the stern around. I am still playing with seat position and technique. The behavoir seems to be most pronounced in short steep chop in shallow water. This weeks river paddling was in larger waves with deeper water, and seemed more manageable. Once I get the hatches in, I'll play with weight distribution more. The boat was mostly well behaved this weekend - if the wind caught the rear, it came around slow and was easily correctible.

I am not a fan of rudders - I like things simple, and I like solid foot braces. Ultimately, I'll have a close fitted boat that will respond better to my inputs. Right now I'd rather paddle than be stuck in the shop.

Perhaps you should paddle the boat without a rudder to see how it works - you can always add it latter.

Steve C

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