Re: Yay Fer Nails!

Posted by Kurt Maurer on Jun 1, 2004

"to minimize the chance of "sproing"."

Mac, dang boy, ain't you NEVER gonna learn to talk proper?? The correct term is "ka-sproing".

I likes my nails, too. In fact, I ate a bowl of 'em just this morning, after paying my bills and swinging through the Post Office.

On boats they're cool also. They kinda impart that quaintly charming, classic old-fashioned aura of hobos limping along the tracks in badly worn, hob-nailed boots. Ahhh!

As a woodworker, I deplore this modern world of pneumatic nail guns. I miss the old timey pneumatic nail guns that didn't have safety devices, and made shop shoot-outs with coworkers ever so much more fun. Nowadays, you must hold the safety devices back in order to fire nails across the shop, and this puts you in danger. Any woodworker worth his salt knows that shop safety is a highly personal matter (everyone else had just better learn to be fast).

Speaking of nail guns, I nailed a squirrel on my bird feeder with my BB gun. Parted his hair, I did. Last I saw of him, he was passing two busses and a motorcycle out on the interstate.

Yessir, I likes my nails. Even put a few in my Cormorants, to hold the rub rails on.

Cheers, Kurt

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