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Posted by Terry Mcadams on Jun 1, 2004

Oh well, may as well chime in again on the topic of rudders, a thread that has been beaten to multiple deaths on this forum in recent years.

I like rudders for my wife and I. We have them on our longer (16 an 17') boats, but for special reasons: we both have disabilities that restrict our ability to use our hips, backs and hands for boat control. For such folks, rudders are a blessing. That being said, they add considerable weight, cost and construction time, as well as being easy to damage when beaching in heavy surf. A boat with a rudder is never as lovely as one without.

I personally think that a rudder is more useful than a skeg in most non-racing conditions

On our short boats (modified 14s) we seem to do ok without rudders, as the boats don't seem to respond to wind and current as markedly as the longer boats.

One project for this summer is to figure out a way to fix the rudder in an vertical position above the deck to function as a trysail for paddling to windward. Not sure if it is possible or if it would help with weather cocking, but it will sure look weird!


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