Re: deck/sheer/rub strip

Posted by Bill Cooke on Jun 1, 2004

Dennis - I did not use rub rails on my WR18 - but my thought is that "sharp edges" are not good! lots of opportunity to cut through the glass into the wood when finishing - I did rouynd the interface and overlapped the deck glass onto the hull by about 1.5 to 2 inches - using the packing tape and plastic bag approach. I was able to cut a nice even line that I feathered with a cabinet scraper so that it is hardly noticable to anyone but me - and maybe a couple of other builders - if you slightly round the top of the rub rail it will create a "bead" with the hull/deck interface that will be not unlike the trick that cabinet makers (Kurt!) use to disguise the interface between matching parts - a shadow that actually accents the "craftsmanship" - Doing it this way you will not have to worry about water leakage or seepage into the deck or hull. I wouild raise the question of how you will attach the rub rails - the use of small brads is reasonable - but how do you ensure that you are not creating a weep hole for water to stain the hull?


In Response to: deck/sheer/rub strip deal by Dennis Rioux on Jun 1, 2004