Re: deck/sheer/rub strip

Posted by Dennis Rioux on Jun 1, 2004


Thanks for the feedback. So are you saying that if I use brads (I have them) I can still get leaking even if I seal and epoxy the brads after I install the strips? I thought people have been puttying up the holes and sealing them after the install. If it can still leak maybe I will leave the rub strips off and use the paint to disguise what will probably be a less than ideal feathering job. How did you get "a nice even line"? I'd love to know that secret.

I trimmed off the deck overhang tonight and planed it flush (and only gouged the hull in three spots -- sheesh). I have to admit it is starting to look like a kayak after all. I will take your advice and do more rounding tomorrow. Thanks.


In Response to: Re: deck/sheer/rub strip by Bill Cooke on Jun 1, 2004