Re: deck/sheer/rub strip

Posted by Bill Cooke on Jun 2, 2004

Dennis -

My response last night was based on the assumption that the rub rails would be replaceable - so that you would want to consider some other method to attach them to the hull rather than epoxy - I would foresee a big problem trying to remove the rails if they were epoxyed in place. Maybe the use of marine adhesive between the rub rail and the hull at the sites of brads into the sheer would elminate the possiblity of water seeping through the brad holes - You could prefinish the rubrails prior to installation and thus not have to be concerned about being able to replace them.

Fiberglass overlap - I layed down a strip of 1 inch blue painters tape (maybe it was 3/4 inch) completely around the hyull 1.5 inchs below the sheer clamp. I then used packing tape to attach wide strips of plastic garbage bags to the blue tape about 1/2 inch below the upper edge of the blue tape. I then layed the fiberglass over the deck, let it hang (relax) over the plastic by a couple of inches and cut the fiberglass a bit long on each side. After wetting out and one fill coat, and before the epoxy cured, I used a utility knive with the blade parallel (more or less) to the hull and pointing downward and while pulling up the blue tape sliced the expoxied glass. I then went back and feathered the edge with a cabinet scrapper before the next fill coat of epoxy. The final sanding withan ROS smoothe the whole thing out nicely so that you really do have to look hard to see the interface between the deck glass on the hull.

hope this helps


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